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This is a 100% confidential submission. I believe, to the best of my knowledge, that I am the original inventor of the idea being disclosed. I understand that Idea Buyer and it's affiliates do not promise any financial gain from the development of any new product idea.

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Our team has helped generate over $100 Million in purchase orders, licensing agreements, funding, and patent sales over the past 8 years.


We have relationships with over 3,000 companies looking for new products.


Shelf Ready

Our expert engineers and packaging designers prepare products to get on the shelves of major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Whole Foods, and thousands more.


Bringing a product to market yourself is challenging. When we partner with an inventor, they are backed by our entire team.

What our customers think of us:

IB is the best thing to happen to our business. I haven't had a company be so honest with me. For me, I hired them cause I am not the best business woman. I had a great idea but needed someone real to help me. They did and now, I am making about 30% of my income from these licensing fees.

Kiarna L.

Inventor of the Kitchen Kompanion

I have helped enginer automobile parts for over 20 years. When I came up with my own product, I researched the best companies online.....Now that I am carried in Auto Zone and 5 other auto shops, I couldn't be happier that I worked with Idea Buyer.

Kevin B.

Inventor of the Auto Dent Cure

Great company to work with based on my experience of using them to bring my new sporting goods invention to market. They helped me line up a significant purchase order which helped me obtain the funding I needed.

Kevin Lazorn

Inventor of the Speed Demon

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